Practical Buying Guide for a Kids Bedroom

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Selecting furniture for your kid’s bedroom can be a lot of fun; however, the choices you make must also be practical. In addition to being practical, you still want your child to feel safe and at home in their bedroom.


So now that your baby is old enough to move out of their crib, it’s time to consider how you want to decorate your growing child’s bedroom in such a way that it will last for many years to come. If you’re in the market for top-quality kids bedroom furniture, then look no further than HOM Furniture. We’ve got everything you could possibly need, from various types of beds and mattresses through to desks, storage options, and playroom furniture.


Furnishing your child’s bedroom to ensure it will last right through to their teenage years should be an exciting experience, especially when you’ve done your research and have the right information at hand.

Here’s our advice on how to choose the right furniture for your child’s bedroom –


No. 1: Stick to Neutral Furniture


If you want your child’s bedroom furniture to last for a number of years, it’s important that you stay with neutral tones and neutral furniture. There will be a lot of temptation to buy that gorgeous little Disney bed you know your toddler will adore, but you know you’re only going to have to upgrade once your child moves on to their next new love. We suggest you look at classic furniture, perhaps wrought iron or solid wood, and dress it up with typical kid-friendly bedding, cushions and pillows.

No. 2: Consider a Convertible Crib


Today, most furniture manufacturers are making what’s known as a ‘convertible crib’. This is an adjustable sleep solution, which starts out as a crib, then adjusts with the growth of your child to create a full-size bed. Some of these convertible cribs move from crib to toddler bed, to a full size bed, which means that your child and the furniture grow together.


No. 3: What About a Larger Bed?


Have you considered completely skipping the toddler bed idea and going straight for a twin, double, or queen size bed? We understand that there are certain aspects of toddler beds that are great for both child and parent – they’re cute, smaller, and easy to access – but they’re not entirely necessary. Unless your child shows a reluctance to move into a larger bed, you can certainly design a beautiful child’s bedroom using a larger bed.

No. 4: Built-In Storage Options


Over the coming years your baby-toddler-child is going to acquire a lot of ‘stuff’ that requires storage. Ideally, you’ll be looking for bedroom furniture that leans heavily towards storage, like beds with built-in drawers. You can even buy youth bedroom packages that come complete with nightstands, dressers, and additional storage; but either way, keep in mind that you can never have too much storage space.


Add a Personalised Touch When Decorating Your Kids Bedroom


Once you’ve sorted out the basic furniture for your kids bedroom, now comes the exciting part – the décor! If you’ve decided to design your child’s bedroom so that it will last throughout the various stages of their childhood and teenage years, we strongly suggest you follow the same rules for décor as you did for furniture. Stay with neutral tones!


Whatever character, TV show, or movie your child is currently into, you can introduce those elements into the bedroom with bedding and furnishings, lamps, and other semi-permanent decorations. Don’t be tempted to wallpaper the bedroom with Disney characters, because one day soon your child will come to you and say, “I don’t like Disney anymore!”

There are so many beautiful and striking finishing touches you can add to your child’s bedroom, like framed photos, artwork, custom wall art – the list is endless. Again, while all these additions add life and vitality to a bedroom, we suggest you apply neutrality here too. If this is going to be your child’s bedroom for many years to come, keep in mind that they won’t want their bedroom to always look and feel like a nursery.


HOM Furniture: We’ve got everything you could possibly need, and more!


Check out the amazing range of kids bedroom furniture at HOM Furniture. We’ve got heaps of experience in furnishing kids bedrooms so can assist in finding the furniture and décor you’re looking for.


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