A Styling Checklist for Your Bedroom

Hamilton Bedside Table

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, so it stands to reason that our bedroom should be optimised to promote a good night’s rest. Our bedroom is where we go to unwind at the end of a long, stressful day – it’s our most private space in our home – so this room should be a haven of tranquillity, a place where we can curl up with a good book or simply relax and unwind. It’s our sanctuary when we’re feeling unwell, and it’s our favourite place to spend a lazy Sunday morning.

Even outgoing people need a place to be alone, so your bedroom should be a safe haven, a place where you can spend alone time. This can be hard to come by, especially if you have a large family or small children.

Your bedroom should be a well-organised, relaxed, and personalised space that you can call your own, so whether you share your bedroom with a partner or you’re a solo sleeper, your bedroom is arguably the most important room in your home. The right styled bedroom promotes good sleep, it’s a place to relax, and it’s a place to call your own.

When it comes to styling your new bedroom, or simply refreshing your existing bedroom, we hope this styling checklist will help you create the perfect bedroom environment for you.


The Bed

The bed you sleep in will become the centre of your bedroom universe, so it must be the perfect bed for you. Everything else in your bedroom will centre around the placement of your bed.


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The size of your bed will be determined by the size of your bedroom, so you may not be able to have a King bed if your space is limited. If you share your bedroom with a partner you may find that a Double or Queen bed is a better fit and will allow for other bedroom furniture. But, if you have the room, why not splurge on that King-size bed you’ve always wanted.


Bed Head


Nothing makes an ensemble-type bed look more elegant than a matching bed head. A bed head sits between the base of your bed and the wall behind. Adding a bed head to your bed is a simple and easy bedroom styling hack because it adds a smart and decorative element to your room. And, of course, they’re very practical – they stop your pillows falling behind your bed overnight. What could be more relaxing than propping yourself up on pillows and leaning against the bed head when you’re reading a good book?


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If you don’t have a walk-in robe, you’re going to need somewhere to store your clothes. Even if you do have a walk-in robe, you can never have too much storage space in your bedroom. If you have the space, a chest of drawers or freestanding wardrobe will look amazing in your bedroom.

Also on-trend at the moment are freestanding hanging racks, which can be a space-saving storage option by providing extra hanging space for your clothing. These are great for planning your weekly outfits, keeping your everyday clothes within easy reach, and swapping out your summer and winter clothing to save wardrobe space.


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Bedside Table


We love the elegance matching bedside tables give to a bedroom. They’re so handy – you can keep your medications, eye-masks, cosmetics, earbuds, notebook and pen, and anything else you might reach out for during the night, right next to you on your bedside table. Drawers contained within bedside tables are even more useful, for storing items like pyjamas, books, phone charger, Kindle, and anything else you need to keep close by.

Of course no self-respecting bedside table would be seen without a bedside lamp! Bedside lamps provide aesthetic lighting to your bedroom, instead of using harsher overhead lights.


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Bedside Tables, Dressers and Drawers

Marcus Side Table


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Bedside Tables, Dressers and Drawers

Ubud Side Table


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Bedside Tables, Dressers and Drawers

Hamilton Cane Bedside Table – Weathered Oak


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Bedroom Accessories


When it comes to styling, bedroom accessories are a matter of personal preference. There are many, many ways to add stylish, homely touches to your bedroom to make it feel personal and really yours.


  • If you have tiled or wooden floors, why not accessorise with a plush, shaggy rug. Your feet will thank you every time you get out of bed.
  • Add some personality and colour to your bedroom by hanging some wall art. One amazing piece of artwork can set the tone for the whole room, and if you haven’t decided on a colour palette for your bedroom you could use your wall art as a starting point and create the perfect colour scheme for your special room.
  • Don’t forget to include window dressings as part of your designer bedroom.
  • Lighting fixtures and the tone of your lighting can also be used to dress up your bedroom. Invest in good lighting fixtures, and always add a light dimmer. The softness of dimmed light will enhance your bedroom furniture, furnishings and curtains.


Today’s digital world is placing a lot of demands on our time, and now more-so than ever we all need to get good quality sleep. Besides improving productivity and concentration, a good night’s rest has been proven to benefit mental health, immune function, and even help with weight loss. It’s really important that we create a bedroom environment that promotes a good night’s sleep.

Accent and Armchairs

Zen Accent Chair – White


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