Easy Styling the French Countryside Way

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About French Countryside Interior Styling

As the name suggests, French Countryside styling is inspired by the French countryside; it’s a look that’s inviting and comfortable, and it’s still one of the most popular decorating styles. If you visited a French countryside home you’d probably expect to see natural stone floors and classic printed drapery in the living room – walls would be plaster-finished, while rough and distressed wooden furniture would be scattered throughout the home.


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If you’ve decided to style your home the French Countryside way, let’s take a closer look at how you too can incorporate the warm and welcoming aesthetics of the French countryside into your own home.


The Farmhouse Table

Perhaps the first essential décor item would have to be the farmhouse table. Your farmhouse table will be time-worn and rustic, large enough to seat your entire family and a few friends!  Your table will become your home’s meeting place, where people gather together for hearty breakfasts and large family gatherings – and other occasions that warm your heart and bring joy into your home.

Aryana rug

Other Furniture Pieces

French Countryside styling inspires easy and practical living, which embraces naturally distressed furniture pieces. Instead of choosing highly-polished, more formal pieces, opt for natural, time-worn furniture, like your sturdy, wooden-panelled French farmhouse table. To perfectly accent this style, embrace carved wooden furniture pieces with worn paint – even flaws – and you’re well on the way to creating a beautiful French Countryside interior for your home.



Add old ceramic or rusted metal ceramics to your warm space. The colours of a French Farmhouse-inspired home are soft tones of sky blue, lavender, and rose, so incorporate these into the relaxed, welcoming feel of your home by including accessories like ceramic or stone urns, and rusted metals like wire baskets and old gardening pails. Adding a vintage touch simply strengthens the classic beauty of farmhouse styling.


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Add organic textures to complete your French Farmhouse-styled home. This style of home reflects the long and hard toil of hard-working villagers during the Renaissance period, so by incorporating items like burlap furniture covers, hand-woven baskets, and linen tablecloths you’ll be adding that rustic, but quaint French farmhouse charm so important to this type of interior.


Important Tip: French farmhouse interior decorating is centred around delicate details, the beauty of imperfect textures, and the attraction of a genuinely comfortable home.


Other suggestions for your French Countryside interior include –


  • Rough painted plaster walls
  • Natural stone floors
  • Rustic furniture with painted or raw wood
  • Contrasting colour and texture (opposite colours)
  • Copper accessories, like pots
  • Natural linens
  • Glass tableware in kitchen areas
  • A pot-display rack above sink or table
  • Decorate with pottery
  • Use colourful tablecloths
  • Traditional printed fabrics like checks, plaids and stripes
  • Work with toile
  • Create a window bench with seating
  • Dried flowers, or window boxes for lavender and geraniums
  • Decorate with wire or woven baskets


Abide Interiors: Check Out Our Dining Table

Abide Interior’s farmhouse-style dining table is a typical, classic French table crafted from solid oak. Beautifully designed and manufactured with the utmost attention to detail, this gorgeous table features double pedestal legs attached by a stretcher.


Each oak table has its own specific markings and natural imperfections, making each table beautifully unique with its individual warmth and charm.


This is a robust and timeless furniture piece which can be used in several ways – perhaps in a formal setting with our own stunning linen tufted dining chairs, or as an informal family table, matching perfectly with our cross-back oak dining chairs.

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