How To Create a Hamptons-Style Outdoor Area

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We hope you’ll be inspired to create your own Hamptons-Style Outdoor area.


As a nation of beach-lovers, it comes as no surprise that Hamptons Style interior design has taken off so quickly in Australia. But Hamptons styling is not just about interior design – it can also be about your outdoor living area. Lounging outdoors on comfortable furniture, catching the cool, evening breeze, what more could any true-blue Australian want from their outdoor area? If coastal outdoor living appeals to you and you’re inspired to create your own Hamptons Style outdoor area, read on to discover how you too can create a luxurious yet comfortable, natural yet elegant, outdoor entertaining area.

The Hamptons Style formula is surprisingly simple: create a white palette, then layer it with natural linens, ocean blues, and wicker furniture. With both indoor and outdoor Hamptons styling it’s just a matter of getting a few simple elements right, then sticking to those elements for your entire decorating scheme.


Hamptons Style revolves around a look that will withstand a beachside location, so we’re looking at lots of white paint and a traditional weatherboard (or weatherboard appearance) for your exterior.


Let’s begin with what a typical Hamptons Style outdoor space should look like.


A Typical Hamptons Style Outdoor Area

In a Hamptons Style outdoor living area you’ll have a nice balance of plants (including lawn) and pavers. This is what people describe as a nice, clean, organised, and well-considered outdoor area. If you’re a homeowner who likes a sense of control in their outdoor area and loves the fact that it blends so beautifully with nature, then this is the style for you.

outdoor look 1

Does Hamptons Style Work with a Small Garden?

Yes, when done correctly, Hamptons Style will work with any size garden. The key to success is to use design elements that work with your space, whether it be large or small.


Key Outdoor Design Features

Keep the following in mind when designing your Hamptons Style outdoor area –

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Balance: There must be a good balance between paved and lawn areas, keeping in mind that paved areas will accommodate the dining or living area.

Keep Styles Simple and Uncluttered: Only use functional pieces of furniture, and don’t use too many pieces. You don’t need a lot of décor because, in this instance, nature is your décor.

Colourful Flowers and Rich Foliage:  Your main decorations in your Hamptons Style outdoor area are your flowering plants and the greenery.

Ocean-Inspired Colour Palette: Your colour and material palette should consist of whites, earthy greys, and blues.

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Plant Arrangement

Because both flowering and non-flowering plants are one of the features of your new outdoor space, here are our tips on how you can display them –


Potted Plants: When you have a small garden, courtyard, or balcony, grow plants inside pots and space them throughout your area.

Garden Beds: If you have a spacious outdoor area, place small retaining blocks around your garden and plant your greenery there.


Lay Low-Maintenance Pavers

Because of the greenery, your Hamptons Style outdoor area will be high-maintenance. We suggest incorporating low-maintenance, practical paving materials to reduce the amount of work. Consider pale and mid-grey pavers, partly because they look amazing when light strikes them. We don’t recommend using white pavers because they can be very bright under the sun and are often difficult to clean. Consider using large-format tiles – they look very sophisticated!


Furniture for Comfort

When it comes to furniture, it’s all about comfort. Because we’re talking about your entertainment area, it’s important that your furniture pieces encourage family and guests to relax and enjoy conversations and good food in your beautiful Hamptons Style outdoor area. Consider a dining set or create a living area that invites comfort and relaxation.



Decorate chairs with cushions and soft throws in tactile fabrics like cotton and linen. Consider colours like shades of grey, and navy blue. Stripes always work well with Hamptons Style decorating – they look casual yet deliver a sophisticated vibe.



Pay close attention to your outdoor lighting. A good lighting plan will create the right atmosphere for your outdoor area, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful space at any time of the night.


It’s a Commitment But It’s Worth It!

There’s a lot of careful planning and work involved in creating a Hamptons Style outdoor area, and there will be regular maintenance required as well. Consider replacing hedges in your garden with a stone fence with vines. By carrying out your own online research into Hamptons Style outdoor areas you should be able to find different ways of minimizing the maintenance required to keep your new entertainment area stunning at all times of the year.

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