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How to pick the perfect side table

Are you someone who is looking for the perfect side table? Do you want to explore more options when it comes to picking the right side table? If you said yes to both these questions then keep scrolling down to read more.

Look for the functionality of the side table

If you are in search of a side table for your living room, you must list down the things you are looking for. It will help you in deciding what you are looking for. You need to be sure about the functions of the side table you are in search of such as the storage shelves, number of drawers, etc.

Here is a list of questions that you need to consider:

1. Do I only need a decorative side table?
2. What things am I looking to put on my side table?
3. Will I also keep food items on my side table?
4. Do I need drawer space on my side table?
5. Will I keep shifting my side table?
6. How heavy do I want the side table to be?
7. How durable is the side table I am investing in?

Does Your Balcony Look Unloved? Top Tips On How To Create A Stylish Balcony

Double Island Outdoor Sofa

Regardless how small or large your balcony may be, if it’s unloved it’s probably not a pretty sight.

Is the balcony where you store your broken furniture and dead plants? Let’s change things up a bit (a lot!) and transform your neglected outdoor space into an attractive space for relaxing and even entertaining. We’ll show you how to make the best out of every inch of your balcony, at the same time adding comfort, functionality, and mood to this space. Yes, even your balcony has design potential, so let’s see if we can inspire you to transform your outdoor space with our top tips and ideas.

Style Your Space To Promote Good Mental Health

It’s so important to our good health and wellbeing that the spaces we live and work in are designed to promote a sense of wellness and productivity. Today we’re seeing many companies putting more effort and research into the interior design of their offices, but when it comes to our homes it’s up to us as homeowners to put in the same effort to create that same sense of calm and positivity that promotes good mental health.

Simple Updates To Create The Perfect Dining Room

1.6m Alta Round Dining Table - Ebony Black with Black Powder Coated Legs

In both todays and yesterday’s homes the dining room has always been the most communal room in the house. Regardless whether it’s part of an open-plan zone or a stand-alone room, your dining room should be functional, practical, and beautiful. Get the design right and your dining room will become the most frequented room in your house. A functional and stylish dining room should work perfectly for both your family and your guests.

When it comes to interior design articles and guides it does seem that the humble dining room is left out to a degree, which is a shame because this space is possibly the most social space in our homes.