Mixing Old and New Christmas Décor

Most of us have a collection of Christmas decorations that spans many years, sometimes decades. While some ornaments are sentimental and therefore hold great personal value, others not so much. Of course we want to hang our sentimental ornaments on our Christmas tree, but hanging all the Christmas odds and ends our kids made at school can start wearing a little thin after time. Even that Christmas garland we’ve been using for so many years may start looking a little tired and old.


Incidentally, if you do have a lot of decorations that have been given to you with love over many Christmases (the ones that are not as attractive as perhaps they were meant to be) we suggest making a cute display by grouping them together on (say) a tray or on a coffee table. Alternatively, these little treasures could have their own little Christmas tree. This way, the memories are still there and you haven’t thrown anything away, but they’re not part of your main Christmas theme.


So the question we’re asking is this: How do you mix old Christmas décor with new décor yet still create an exciting style that’s unique to you? How do you create a cohesive look? There are so many gorgeous, inexpensive decorations available to purchase these days it seems a shame to not take advantage and change things up a little at home.

In this post we’ll explain how to create unique Christmas styling by mixing old and new decorations together to create a streamlined Christmas look.


Mixing Colours and Themes

Colours:  Now that you’ve decided to mix styles, the first and most important consideration is colour. We suggest choosing a base colour, meaning the colour you already have a lot of, and embellishing this with accents in different styles and colours. If you’re looking for a Coastal feel, consider using whites and neutrals in raw textures; however, for a luxe traditional theme we like saturated colours, like green and red, including beaded items and metallics.


Another tip is to tie your old and new Christmas decorations together using a similar colour scheme – this is the perfect way to make old and new look like a perfect fit. It’s not important for the items to exactly match in colour, but maintaining a colour theme will make your Christmas decorations look seamless.


Mixing Themes: If you’ve decided to combine two themes, use an even percentage of each style, remembering that less is more. You need to keep a nice balance, ensuring one doesn’t overwhelm the other. Another idea is to choose a ratio of 1:3, which gives you a main theme with bright pops of colour, with added interest from the secondary themes.

How to Add to a Pre-Existing Theme

Australiana: Once you’ve determined the prevalent colour in your Australiana décor you’re free to choose any complementary colour and develop any theme. We suggest using neutrals to keep it calm and coastal, or add in sparkly objects and metallics for a more luxurious feel.


Traditional Red, Green, and Gold: Add in neutrals and keep your décor understated.


Coastal Rustic: Select one other colour then create an even mix by weaving it in proportionately.


Scandi White: Add a touch of metallic and layer in soft colours.


Silver: Lots of green and blue décor, or alternatively, equal amounts of gold will create a luxurious look and feel.


Jewel Tones: To complement your existing jewel tones we suggest introducing neutral elements in natural materials.


Santa-style:  Your Santa-esque décor (complete with elves and reindeers) will be complemented by any style. Don’t make it too busy though, just keep it refined.

Brass and Gold:  Brass and gold complement warmer palettes, however, when too much is added it can be a little overwhelming. For subtle accents we suggest adding orange, red, purple, or pink.


Blue: For an eclectic, fun look, consider adding in all the colours of the rainbow – in equal amounts. Alternatively, add an abundance of white to create a winter wonderland.


Christmas Styling for Different Spaces

If you love Christmas, especially Christmas decorations, and you have boxes and boxes of ornaments and knick-knacks, we suggest spacing them out around your home. The decorations in each room should have a cohesive look; however, try different themes and styles in spaces separated by walls. For example –

  • Style your living room with a traditional Christmas tree, stockings, and ornaments.
  • Choose diverse décor for your entryway or hallway with a pretty Christmas wreath on a console table.
  • Your dining room and/or kitchen could go coastal with table ornaments, table linens, and a Christmas garland.
  • Our final tip for combining the old with the new is to group similar items together, like a Snowman, Santa, or Nutcracker collection.

Final Thoughts

Today, thanks to social media, Christmas decorating has reached new heights; Santa can be found in every room of the house, lights criss-cross from window to window, and displays are not complete without holiday-themed dish-towels, table runners, and stuffed animals.

We love the idea of adding small Christmas touches to each and every room in the house. This Christmas, consider wreaths, stocking holders, Christmas stockings, lighted garlands, window decals, couch pillows, Christmas signs, table decorations, and holiday bedding.

As always, the most important thing about Christmas is to make it fun and festive. Put up the tree, get out the lights, decorate, play music, sing carols, and dance! Play together, laugh out loud, pop some popcorn, and watch your favourite family movie. Get into the spirit of Christmas and have a wonderful time.

Merry Christmas everyone!