Simple and Nice Dining Room Updates

The dining room can sometimes be forgotten when it comes to refreshing our home, but we spend a lot of time in this room so why not show it some love and give it a refresh? Old paintwork, poor lighting, and worn-out upholstery are the usual culprits, but the good news is that they’re also the easiest to update.


You don’t need to spend a fortune; there are many little tricks of the interior design trade that can make your dining room shine again. Things like wallpapering the ceiling, placing a beautiful bowl of fruit as a centrepiece, or adding a table runner, that’s all you need to make your dining room look different and exciting.

It’s not easy to look at a room in your home and know exactly how to redecorate it, so we hope you gain some useful information from this post that will help you take on this fun challenge. If your dining room is starting to look old and tired, here are our top tips for transforming your dining room without blowing the budget. If you get one great idea from this post then our work here is done!


No. 1: Rearrange The Existing Furniture

This has to be the easiest update of all! Simply consider the placement of the current furnishings in your dining room and how you can adjust to ensure they become stand-out items. It may be that you move your table to a more accessible spot so it can easily be walked around, perhaps you alter chair placement, or you might move a light fixture. Focus on ease and comfort, and your guests will enjoy the changes.

No. 2: Consider The Tabletop Décor

Either rearrange your current tabletop décor or add new and interesting pieces. They’re usually easy to source, inexpensive, and easy to decorate with. Consider fresh new table linens or a large fruit bowl. You probably already have items in your home that would look fabulous on your dining room table. Rotate or move the items around on your table, or add new inexpensive items just for fun.


No. 3: Introduce Art Or Other Statement Pieces

A bold vibrant painting will give depth to your dining room and add a sense of drama. Of course, you could always add a gorgeous chandelier; however, an easier way to make a statement would be to swap out the chairs at the head of the table for chairs with a little more personality. The mix of patterns and styles will create great visual interest, not to mention that mixing and matching furniture is very on-trend at the moment.

No. 4: Mix It Up

Create a mix of various objects and furnishings because neither you, your family, or your guests will ever tire of a beautifully mixed environment.


No. 5: Create a Layered Environment

Whether it be rugs, art, or place settings, try to create a layered environment. Your family and guests alike will feel at ease with a range of beautifully designed objects to admire.

No. 6:  Don’t Forget You Have a Ceiling

Look up! The ceiling of your dining room is the perfect place to explore some wallpaper or a bold paint colour. Besides adding interest to your dining room, a darker colour will create a sense of depth, making the room appear larger than it actually is.


No. 7: Show Off Your Bar Cart

Bar carts are predominately used to display your favourite bottles, but it’s also the ideal place to display some unique accent pieces.  Consider styling your bar cart with vintage stemware, gorgeous glasses, and/or brass accessories.


No. 8: Create A Comforting Atmosphere

Your dining room should have an intimate and relaxing feel, making you want to entertain. Consider a small grouping of furnishing that boasts relaxing hues and plush surfaces. Set the mood by adding a dimmer to your light source; nothing kills a mood more than bright, glaring lights. Now add some candles, creating a soft, warm light for your room. Ask yourself what would make you feel comfortable in an intimate setting such as this.

Project: Minyama, Sunshine Coast

No. 9: Add Warmth With Wood Tones

A dining room of any size can be improved by adding wood tones, which create a polished, warm vibe to any room. The wood tones don’t need to match, because subtle nuances between furnishings and wood tones allow the eye to travel.


No. 10: A Mirror Is Important

Place a mirror above the bar cart, buffet, or console in your dining room. Not only will the mirror make your room feel much bigger it will also add a touch of luxury. Just one mirror can add a touch of timeless elegance to any room.

No. 11: Never Underestimate The Power Of Lighting

Lighting can alter the entire mood of any room, so we suggest some well-placed ceiling lights in your dining room – don’t forget the dimmer switch! An interesting way of displaying your dining room furniture is to place a pendant light over the dining table. If this is not possible, consider a feature floor lamp or create a layout that maximizes any nearby natural light. Ultra-bright, romantic, and mood-enhancing lighting elements should cover your dining room throughout the day and night.


No. 12: A Touch Of Drama

Whether contemporary or traditional, adding drama to the interior design of your dining room is actually quite easy. Whether it be oversized palm fronds, large-scale floral arrangements, or sculptural decorative objects, it’s not difficult to add just a small dose of drama to any room.

dining room with wishbone replica chair

No. 13: Symmetry Is Good Too!

There’s no doubt that mismatched furniture, including dining room chairs, creates a fresh contemporary feel to any space, but many still prefer the relaxed energy of a symmetrical dining room. It certainly adds a disciplined formality that many people love and admire, with matching chairs adding a lush feel to the room. If you prefer a symmetrical look to your dining room space you can simply add one of the other ideas as above to create a new and exciting look to your space.


No. 14: Add A Rug

There are multiple reasons why a rug in your dining room can look amazing. While it can protect your floor from stains and scratches, a washable rug is always a great investment. A rug in your dining room will define the room’s space, plus you can use the rug to bring out specific colours in your chairs and table. If you have chairs with a touch of red in them, then a rug with touches of red can tie your room together beautifully. And, of course, a rug is super-comfortable on your feet. Make sure the rug extends out from the table by at least a metre to prevent chairs from catching on the edges of the rug.


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