The Best Way To Style Your Entertainment Unit

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When styling their living room, most people don’t give much thought to their entertainment unit. It’s generally seen as a practical piece of furniture, purchased for its function rather than its form. However, that doesn’t mean your entertainment unit can’t be stylish too. Whether it’s in a dedicated media room or within your living room, there are plenty of ways to make your entertainment centre more organized, attractive, and seamless with the rest of your decor.


Start by choosing an entertainment unit that fits the style of your living room. If you have a more traditional style, go for an entertainment unit with classic details and wood finishes. If your living room is more contemporary, look for an entertainment unit with clean lines and a minimalist design.


Incorporate your entertainment unit into your living room layout. Place it in a focal point of the room, such as near the fireplace or in an alcove. If possible, arrange your seating so that it faces the unit. This will create a more cohesive look.

Now you’re free to start accessorising your entertainment unit. Add some greenery, artwork, or family photos to personalize the space. Use baskets or boxes to store any TV remotes or gaming controllers. Additionally, entertainment units can be styled using books, vases, and candles to add colour and interest.


With a little imagination, any entertainment unit can be transformed into a stylish focal point in any room.


Here are some further tips –


Wall-Mount Your TV Set


Wall-mounting your TV can be a great way to free up space on your entertainment unit.


Choose the right mount for your TV. There are fixed mounts, which are great for small TVs, and full-motion mounts, which allow you to swivel and tilt your TV for optimal viewing.


Not only does wall-mounting your TV create a clean and modern look, it also allows you to use your entertainment unit for other purposes, such as storage or display. In addition, it lifts the screen for ideal viewing, hides unsightly cords, and saves space.

You can keep it simplistic, with just a few decor pieces that complement your TV, or you can use the extra space to create a more impactful display, such as a gallery wall or family photos. Whatever you choose, remember that less is often more when it comes to style. Too many decor items can make your entertainment unit look cluttered and busy.


Choose a Wall Colour


Wall colour can play a big role in how your entertainment system is styled. If you have a dark entertainment unit, you may want to use a light coloured wall to create contrast and help the unit stand out. Similarly, if your entertainment unit is a light colour, you may want to use a darker wall colour to create a more dramatic look.


You could also use wallpaper to create a more unique look for your entertainment system. There are many different patterns and colours available, so you should be able to find something that fits your style. Just make sure that the wallpaper is durable and easy to clean so that it will not be damaged by your entertainment equipment.


Try Placing Your TV Slightly Off-Centre


If you like to be different, by placing the TV set slightly off-centre you create a great visual flow.  This is certainly not a predictable layout, but the idea is to balance it with sculptural objects that have presence and height. For example, you might choose candle holders, or a decorative vase, table lamp, and chunky candlesticks. All these items will draw the eye and lengthen the display.

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Prefer a Symmetrical Look?


Ideally placed wall art or bookcases flanking the TV set will always make a great statement. It will create a strong presence and add formality to your space. Consider lightening the look with dainty floral arrangements and neatly stacked books.


Create Mood and Soften Sharp Angles


To soften the harsh lines of the TV set and the entertainment unit we suggest a sculptural table lamp, vase, or an arrangement of candles and organically shaped ornaments at either end of the entertainment unit. And if there’s open shelving on your unit, don’t forget to style these too. Use rounded shapes to create smoother transitions. And when it’s evening time, turn off the room lights and create a soft atmosphere with candles or a glowing lamp.


Highlight The Wall Behind The TV Set


The wall behind your TV set is an ideal place to play around with styling. If you leave it bare, everything will look flat and the attention will be drawn to the black TV screen. Use circular shapes to break up this empty space, and include tactile elements like a wall hanging, a clock, or a well-placed pendant light. And don’t forget some peel-and-stick wallpaper can be used here too, to create texture but without having to make a permanent décor choice.



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