The Abide Interiors Home Decor Trends for 2023

2023 is still quite fresh. Still, some new home decor trends are starting to emerge. Keep reading to learn more about the Abide interior design and home decor trends for 2023


Raw textures and materials


Raw textures and materials are becoming as popular as ever in 2023. Many have conjectured that this trend could be a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of people spend so much of their time indoors, so they missed out on the feel, look and warmth of nature around them. For this reason, they sought to recreate some of that feeling by using raw textures and materials resembling natural or outdoor spaces. The possibilities are endless, from wood and rattan to rock and even brass.

One of the main perks of using raw textures and materials is that they are pretty much universal in stylistic combinations. They’re easy to match with a wide variety of colours and shades. Moreover, they are quite the great fit for many design concepts and styles, from the most traditional aesthetics to the most avant-garde modern minimalism.



Much like raw materials and textures are coming back in a big way; plants are taking over! It is becoming increasingly common to seek small trees and larger plants as opposed to small pots to place on furniture. The idea of making the plant itself a core object, rather than using small plants for decoration, is a very prominent design trend that’s becoming very big in 2023. Plants do require some extra maintenance, but they give back so much in terms of looks as well as the quality of life.


Embrace natural light

Natural light has been trending for quite a few years now, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Large windows and skylights are becoming increasingly sought-after. Embracing natural lights offer many benefits. For one thing, natural light is absolutely stunning, and it provides a degree of brightness and freshness that just isn’t possible to match with artificial lighting. In addition to that, natural light is energy-efficient since homeowners won’t need to rely on artificial lighting quite as much for their illumination needs. To add to that, the presence of natural light in an interior space is often linked with a higher quality of life and an improvement in mood and productivity.


The importance of negative space.

Negative space is a crucial concept in design and art. The idea is to enhance the visual importance of an object by making sure the area around it is not too cluttered. In home decor, this concept translates into making sure your rooms aren’t too cluttered. Minimalist aesthetics are perceived as elegant and classy, and they’re a huge trend in 2023. One of the pillars of this style is to have a lot of negative space, making rooms feel more spacious and bright. Not only will this help you avoid clutter. It is also a great way to add size, depth, and versatility to most spaces.


Minimalism VS. Maximalism


Many people in the interior design and home decor world are chanting the same mantra: “Minimalism is out; Maximalism is back!”


Well, not quite! The truth is somewhere in the middle. Minimalism is changing and, ironically, embracing some elements of Maximalism, which, as the name suggests, is the exact opposite. Some of the best-looking modern homes are still rooted in a generally minimalistic layout. However, maximalist trends creep in when it comes to decoration. It is not uncommon to break the flow of minimalism with big, bold artwork or even wallpapers. The idea of retaining the key concepts of minimalism while reigniting some colour and vibe back into it is becoming a growing notion for interior design and home decor trends in 2023.

Artisanal furniture and artwork


In a world of mass-manufactured furniture and square, blocky pieces that look more like store shelves than cozy home appointments, people are starting to rediscover the value of customized pieces. For this reason, many homeowners are looking at artisans or custom furniture builders to regain some individuality and add uniqueness to their designs. In addition to ensuring higher quality across the board, artisanal pieces are also an opportunity to get something that is true “yours” and built to fit your specification.


Rugs for added textures


Rugs have long been associated with old-timey designs. However, they’ve been making a resurgence as of late. In 2023, they’re “officially” back in a big way! A rug is a fantastic and easy way to reshape the mood and feel of a room. They also provided added comfort and warmth to any environment. The only downside is that rugs require a little bit of maintenance, especially if you’re opting for clearer colours: you wouldn’t want your shoes on a white rug!

Functionality meets style


One of the biggest trends to emerge in the past few years is the idea of functionality embracing style. The origins of this particular modern trend can be traced back to the recent spike in metropolitan populations. In other words, as more people are moving to big, busy cities, the living spaces shrink. For this reason, there is less room for purely ornamental objects and more of a pursuit of items and furniture that are beautiful yet useful. This trend started out of necessity for the big city dweller, but the style became so influential that it transcended its original purpose and settings. Even people who aren’t concerned about space are starting to value the idea of functional beauty. The concept is indeed becoming synonymous with class and elegance when it comes to interior decor and design in 2023.

In conclusion, these are the key home decor trends expected to explode in 2023! At Abide, we care about quality interior design and home decor. It isn’t just a way to make your home pretty: it is also a valuable opportunity to create productive spaces that inspire different ideas and styles.

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