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Introducing Sonder Living – A Transformative Design Experience

We are thrilled to announce that we are now partnering with Sonder Living to provide our customers with outstanding products! Sonder Living is a furniture company that is dedicated to providing original concepts that give way to a balanced and curated life. At Sonder Living, they believe in the transformative quality of design and are devoted to imbuing as much beauty and substance into each item they produce. Their beliefs align perfectly with our brand’s motto, making this the perfect partnership.

The Indoor Rattan Furniture Trend Is Booming – Here’s Why.

Rattan is a truly remarkable material. It has a timeless look and, more importantly, is incredibly durable. In fact, it is sturdier than it looks. Many people overlook rattan because they might assume it won’t stand the test of time. However, rattan has long been an amazing alternative for great outdoor furniture. Many homeowners have been pleasantly surprised at the material’s resilience, even up against weathering. For this reason, it has quickly grown into a favourite for indoor use as well. Keep reading to learn more about how you can use rattan furniture to make your indoor space truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

A Guide To Creating The Ultimate Backyard.

With a new year slowly but surely setting into our lives, many of us are looking at ways to refresh our routines. One of the most popular things to do is to upgrade our homes and spaces, and the backyard is often the object of many “new year” improvements. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably wondering how to spice up your backyard and turn it into the best space possible!


As the weather gets warmer and days get longer, many of us are spending more time outdoors. Whether you’re entertaining guests or just enjoying a quiet moment in your own backyard, outdoor furniture is a great way to make the most of your space. But with so many options on the market, it can be tough to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of our top outdoor furniture picks for summer 2023. From contemporary dining sets to colorful chaise lounges, there’s something for everyone. So take a look and get inspired for your next backyard update!

Get to know materials better

entertainment unit

When it comes to design, aesthetics, furniture, decor, exteriors, and interiors, there are many things to consider. As they say, the result is eventually something greater than the sum of its parts, but it all comes down to understanding the components that lead to a successful outcome. Design philosophy and aesthetic vision are important things that fall into play. However, there is something that is perhaps even more central to any given project: materials.


An outdoor coffee table area can be a truly beautiful thing. It is a space where people can spend some quality time, relax and wind down. In addition, it is also the perfect opportunity to entertain guests outside when the weather is nice. Still, getting the right outdoor coffee table space and set up is not always the easiest task. Keep reading to learn more about how to plan outdoor coffee table decor like a true interior design pro!

How to Style Your Bedside Tables

lisette bedside table

Although it is a relatively small surface, a bedside table can have a really noticeable impact in a room. It’s a detail in the big scheme of things, but it is the kind of detail that can give off a completely unique vibe and really help the concept of the entire room shine. There are many ways to go about making your bedroom look amazing. Considering the style of your bedside table will definitely get you there!

How to Pick the Best Sofa for Your Home

The sofa is arguably one of the centerpieces of most rooms. It’s where people gather and where they love to spend time, entertain guests or relax. For this reason, having the right sofa for your space can be incredibly important. It’s not only about comfort. As you know, even the smallest sofa is a fairly large piece of furniture in the scope of a room. It will inevitably play a huge part in the feel and vibe of the room, so it can be great to make sure that it fits your aesthetic choices and overall ambience. Keep reading to learn more about how to pick the best sofa option for your home.