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The Ultimate Guide to Console Tables: Choosing, Styling, and Placement

The console table is a humble staple and a lot of people love them for good reason. They’re practical, aesthetically pleasing, and multi-functional, so they make an essential feature of any well-designed, stylish home. If that’s your goal and you need a console table to make your vision come true, here’s the ultimate guide to console tables. This will help you choose not only the right size and type of console table but also the best spot for it.

Coffee Table Styling Guide: 12 Tips for Aesthetic Coffee Tables

Styling a coffee table can be a daunting task, especially when you want to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Today, we bring you 12 helpful tips that will make the process as easy as possible. However, something to keep in mind with this topic is that different coffee table shapes will all be styled differently. They have to be because the table top will have different parameters you have to work within.

Choosing the Perfect TV Bench: A Comprehensive Guide

A TV bench, console, or entertainment center, much like a dining table, writing desk, or fireplace, is an essential piece of furniture that largely defines the function and ambiance of a room. It impacts how you enjoy your alone time or how you spend quality moments with your family and friends.
Furnishings are powerful because they greatly influence the spaces we use. The relationship between furnishings and us is significant, as reflected in theories like geomancy.