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Our Top 8 Tips On How To Achieve Coastal Style

family house in WA transformed into Hamptons estate

Coastal Style interior design has really taken off, especially in Australia, so we’ve decided to give you our 8 top styling tips on how you too can achieve a rustic, seaside, elegant aesthetic in your own home – which we now refer to as Coastal Style.

Coastal Style is the ideal interior style for Aussie homes. With its soothing hues, relaxed appeal, down-to-earth emphasis on the sun, sand and sea, this quirky decorating style is easy and fun to achieve.

Coastal Boho Style – It’s the Best New Trend!

Malawi armchair

If you’re one of those people who identify with seaside and resort-style living, then you’ll probably love the Coastal Boho Style of interior designing. It’s a unique and versatile style that captures the charm of Australia’s beautiful, endless coastlines; an interior design style that strikes a careful balance between simple design and natural beauty.

Coastal Boho Style conjures up images of relaxed, interesting people with an amazing story to tell. These are people who take great care of themselves – their nutrition, the environment, and their good health. They love pretty things; they’re regulars at their local artisan coffee shop, and their homes are diverse – layered with appeal and quirky accents. Doesn’t the classic Coastal Boho style sound like an amazing, individual style? No wonder it’s become so popular in Australia.