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How to Style Your Bedside Tables

lisette bedside table

Although it is a relatively small surface, a bedside table can have a really noticeable impact in a room. It’s a detail in the big scheme of things, but it is the kind of detail that can give off a completely unique vibe and really help the concept of the entire room shine. There are many ways to go about making your bedroom look amazing. Considering the style of your bedside table will definitely get you there!

How to Pick the Best Sofa for Your Home

The sofa is arguably one of the centerpieces of most rooms. It’s where people gather and where they love to spend time, entertain guests or relax. For this reason, having the right sofa for your space can be incredibly important. It’s not only about comfort. As you know, even the smallest sofa is a fairly large piece of furniture in the scope of a room. It will inevitably play a huge part in the feel and vibe of the room, so it can be great to make sure that it fits your aesthetic choices and overall ambience. Keep reading to learn more about how to pick the best sofa option for your home.

7 Ways to Style Your Home With Rattan

Rattan is a beautiful and iconic natural material. It is named after a genus of highly sustainable plants and it is perfect for various decorative and building purposes. While on the surface, rattan might look similar to bamboo, there are many differences. Rattan isn’t a wood per-se but more like a fibrous material that can be woven into beautiful shapes and textures. In addition, the plants this material is made from are very easy to grow in an environmentally friendly way. In addition to that, rattan is pretty much a set-and-forget material. It doesn’t require a lot of cleaning besides the occasional dusting, and it is more durable than it might appear.