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Mixing Timber Tones and Getting it Right!

More and more we’re noticing people becoming adventurous with styling their homes, and one question we’re often asked is how to mix timber tones in a room – and get it right! Many people say they’d love to experiment but are hesitant to combine different timbers in a space. Fortunately, mixing wood tones in a room can work beautifully, but there are a few basic rules to follow.

Top Autumn Interior Trends At Abide Interiors

Zen chair and St Lucia coffee table

Everyone here at Abide Interiors loves autumn, and now that we’re already into the first month of autumn we’re thrilled to bring you our top interior trends for 2021. Our buyers have selected their own favourite pieces from across our entire range to help you maintain a fresh and stylish space this season.

Sitting between summer and winter, autumn can be a confusing time of the year. It’s not hot anymore, even though there may be a few remaining warm days, but it’s not cold either.

We feel this is the perfect time to take note of your furniture and ensure that all pieces and other decorative accents in your home transition easily across all seasons. Below we’ve listed interior trends that do precisely that.

How To Create a Hamptons-Style Outdoor Area

outdoor look 1

As a nation of beach-lovers, it comes as no surprise that Hamptons Style interior design has taken off so quickly in Australia. But Hamptons styling is not just about interior design – it can also be about your outdoor living area. Lounging outdoors on comfortable furniture, catching the cool, evening breeze, what more could any true-blue Australian want from their outdoor area? If coastal outdoor living appeals to you and you’re inspired to create your own Hamptons Style outdoor area, read on to discover how you too can create a luxurious yet comfortable, natural yet elegant, outdoor entertaining area.

Choosing The Perfect Height For Your Bar Stools

Kitchen Look 2

Choosing a bar stool shouldn’t be a hard task – after all, a bar stool is a bar stool, right? Many people are surprised that choosing the right stool for their bar, club, home, or café is not as easy as it sounds. That’s because there are a few important facts you need to know, and if you haven’t done your homework you could well end up buying the wrong product.

For starters, what height should your bar stool be; does it need to swivel; do you need upholstered or cushions; do you want the bar stool to contrast with the bar counter, or match it?

Doing some quick research and a few measurements can save you the time and hassle of having to return stools, or alternatively, having to put up with stools that are a bad fit for your area. There are plenty of bar stools to choose from, so do your homework and you’ll have no problems at all finding the perfect stools to suit your room.