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Simple and Nice Dining Room Updates

The dining room can sometimes be forgotten when it comes to refreshing our home, but we spend a lot of time in this room so why not show it some love and give it a refresh? Old paintwork, poor lighting, and worn-out upholstery are the usual culprits, but the good news is that they’re also the easiest to update.

You don’t need to spend a fortune; there are many little tricks of the interior design trade that can make your dining room shine again. Things like wallpapering the ceiling, placing a beautiful bowl of fruit as a centrepiece, or adding a table runner, that’s all you need to make your dining room look different and exciting.

It’s not easy to look at a room in your home and know exactly how to redecorate it, so we hope you gain some useful information from this post that will help you take on this fun challenge. If your dining room is starting to look old and tired, here are our top tips for transforming your dining room without blowing the budget. If you get one great idea from this post then our work here is done!

Choosing the Right Bedhead For Your Bedroom

There are four things to consider when choosing a bedhead for your bedroom – style, size, colour, and fabric. If you can get this combination right, you’re well on the way to achieving a stylish, smart, and elegant bedroom.

A bedhead, sometimes referred to as a headboard, is an optional part of a bed, and while it’s not a necessity, it is a decorative furniture item that can instantly make your bedroom look very stylish. Attaching a smart, pretty, decorative, and/or stylish bedhead to your existing base is a very simple way of upping the style stakes in your bedroom.

Choosing The Right Dining Chair Is Important

It’s only when you start shopping for dining chairs that you understand just how important it is to make the right decision. There’s a lot to consider!

There’s an endless range of styles; prices range from affordable to mind-boggling, and with today’s design styles your dining table and chairs don’t even need to match. In fact, interior designers today say that mix-and-match dining sets are very on-trend. And while a mix-and-match set is certainly more interesting, it does make it more challenging putting it together.

Then, of course, there are the practicalities you need to consider, like, will the chairs you purchase work with the room, the table, and even the size of your guests? In the past, it was normal to have a matching dining table and chair set, so most of the guesswork was done for us. However, the results were very predictable, which some people today might call ‘boring.’

So, you already have a gorgeous table and it’s time to start looking for chairs. We’ve created this guide to help you choose the right chairs for your table. We understand that choosing the right dining chairs can be far from easy so we really hope this information will make your decision a whole lot easier.

Abide Interior’s Outdoor Living Buying Guide

While your backyard can truly be a welcoming oasis, it simply won’t have the right effect unless you select the right furniture in the right fabrics. Our aim with this buying guide is to help point you in the right direction when it comes to measuring up, choosing the right material, and the right furniture pieces for your little piece of paradise. We’d love to help you create an outdoor area with all your comforts; a little space of outdoor heaven you’ll be proud to share with family and friends for years to come. Regardless of whether you plan on hosting fabulous outdoor parties or you’re just planning your own private space for some quiet time-out, we want to help you make the very best investment.