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The Best Way To Style Your Entertainment Unit

iluka entertainment unit 6 door

When styling their living room, most people don’t give much thought to their entertainment unit. It’s generally seen as a practical piece of furniture, purchased for its function rather than its form. However, that doesn’t mean your entertainment unit can’t be stylish too. Whether it’s in a dedicated media room or within your living room, there are plenty of ways to make your entertainment centre more organized, attractive, and seamless with the rest of your decor.

Start by choosing an entertainment unit that fits the style of your living room. If you have a more traditional style, go for an entertainment unit with classic details and wood finishes. If your living room is more contemporary, look for an entertainment unit with clean lines and a minimalist design.

Design Trends: Where They Come From And How Long They Last

Perhaps the biggest impact of trends comes from the world around us. Trends can be influenced by a specific situation and the culture built around it. Some trends recycle and come back at a later time.

Every new year comes with new design trends that explode onto the scene. Each trend is propelled into the limelight by the happenings that are occurring in the world.

It can be a real challenge for people who work with interiors to discern the direction the interior design scene will be taking, in addition to the colours, materials, and styles that will most appeal to consumers during the various seasons of the coming year.

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A Velvet Care Guide – by Abide Interiors

There’s no doubt that velvet furniture is visually stunning. It’s also a unique material in that it requires special care and attention to retain its shape and beauty. All of us at Abide Interiors LOVE velvet! It’s beautiful, elegant, soft to touch, and extremely comfortable. And as it turns out – it’s not difficult to keep clean.

As the weather turns colder we’re seeing many people seeking heavier fabrics to keep their homes warm. Velvet is the perfect answer. As a cold-weather fabric, velvet is extremely popular; it’s fashionable and warm for clothing, furniture covers, and drapes.

Did you know that velvet was once restricted to royalty, like the French king? It’s not surprising, though, because velvet certainly has a royal appearance and feel to it.

Hardwood and Softwood Types – What’s The Difference?

You may be surprised to learn that the difference between hardwood and softwood is not in their names, meaning that hardwood is not necessarily denser than softwood. For example, Balsa wood is classified as hardwood, but it’s actually one of the softest and least dense types of wood. Another example is Yew wood; it’s classified as softwood but it’s a lot tougher than many hardwoods.

Classifying a wood as hard or soft is dependent on the seeds produced by the tree. For example: if the seeds produced by the tree have a coating (like fruit or a shell), that wood is classified as hardwood. If the seeds have no coating and are dropped onto the ground, that wood is classified as softwood.

Our Easy Guide To Styling Coffee And Console Tables Hamptons Style

It’s not always clear when styling either of these two types of tables just how much styling is enough. We know we can use fresh flowers, art books, travel trinkets, drink coasters and other items, but how do we achieve a good balance between function and form?

Take a look at our guide below for our tips on how to style a usable yet unique coffee table or console table, while capturing the elegance of Hamptons Style interior design.

Our Ultimate Guide To Buying A Bed and/or Mattress

If we stopped to think about the fact that we spend approximately one-third of our life in bed, we’d probably put more effort into buying ourselves a comfortable bed and mattress! But most of us don’t – we complain about lack of sleep, and uncomfortable beds, mattresses, and pillows, and fail to realize that there’s a very easy fix to all these issues.

So, what is the answer to a comfortable night’s sleep, and how much should you pay for this comfort? Let’s take a look at our easy guide to buying the right bed and mattress for you.

Good Interior Design Can Make You Happy At Home


The COVID pandemic has forced most of us to spend more time at home, and this has had a direct and noticeable impact on our good health and wellbeing. We now understand just how important it is that our interior spaces are designed to positively affect our physical and mental health. When designing our own personal spaces we must consider a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to achieve a happy and healthy home environment.

Of course, style plays a very important role in designing a space that’s not only beautiful, but functional too, but that’s not all that goes into an interior that makes us feel happy and healthy. Masters of Feng Shui have been telling us this for centuries, and today more than ever we’re seeing just why our home must be a place of positivity, happiness, and calm. The importance of interiors on our health and wellbeing simply cannot be overstated.

Making your Side Tables and Coffee Table Work Together

Your side tables and coffee tables are an integral yet often overlooked aspect of any living room. A matching set of tables will inevitably introduce uniformity into the room, but keep in mind that side tables and coffee tables can still create a cohesive appearance even if they are not identical. Read on as we explain the various elements of mixing and matching these two living room elements to create a space that is both unique and workable.

Interior Design Colour Trends For 2022

The last couple of years have been incredibly stressful for many people, so the professionals at Abide Interiors believe it’s time to create a new beginning. It’s time to be inspired by the 2022 interior design colour trends.

Interior design experts believe that, more than ever before, our homes in 2022 should be infused with colour, helping us feel serene, healthy, optimistic, and centered. We need to break away from the nostalgic tones of the past year and move towards colours that are exciting, yet familiar.

Our homes today are supporting us so much more than ever before, evolving to include a workspace, a school, and even a gym. The colour trends for 2022 include calming shades and energizing colours, adding comfort and positivity to our homes.