How to Choose Outdoor Furniture Cushions for a Stylish Space

When you’re creating an outdoor living area, whether you’re choosing Hamptons outdoor furniture, outdoor metal furniture, or any other style, you will need cushions. Outdoor furniture cushions are as essential as indoor cushions because they add comfort. They can also add style and complete your vision for the space. Today, we will provide tips on how to choose them well and how to protect them as well!


How to Choose Outdoor Furniture Cushions: Complete Guide

To find the right outdoor furniture cushions for your Hamptons style outdoor furniture, white wicker outdoor furniture, or any other style, here are the factors you need to consider:


  1. Choose the right fabric

When browsing for outdoor furniture cushions, fabric is the most important element. You need to make sure you find materials designed for outdoor use. That includes fabrics like polyester blends, acrylic, and Sunbrella. They resist water, mildew, and fading, making the pieces more long-lasting.


  1. Find the right size for your needs

Another thing to consider is size! You have to make sure your outdoor furniture cushions fit the furniture well. As a general rule, the cushions shouldn’t be too big or too small. The size should be enough to provide comfort and also look good on the sofa or lounge chairs.

  1. Consider the comfort level

When it comes to outdoor furniture cushions, their thickness and density will determine how comfortable they are. You want your cushions to be thick enough to offer structure and comfort, but they shouldn’t be too bulky either. You also have to consider the type of filling. The most common are polyester fiber and shredded foam, so get familiar with the options and go from there.


  1. Think about cushion style

Last but not least, you must consider the style of your outdoor furniture cushions. It should match the style and design of your furniture. So, whether you’re going for plain cushions or cushions with patterns, make sure that it goes well with the type of furniture you have.

For example, if you have Hamptons style outdoor furniture, consider options like nautical stripes, geometric patterns, and a neutral color palette with crispy whites, sandy beiges, seafoam green, navy, charcoal, and more.


How to Protect Outdoor Furniture Cushions: 5 Tips

Once you have your outdoor furniture cushions, it’s important to take good care of them. If you learn to protect them, they will not only last longer, but also maintain their style, color, and overall structure. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Invest in furniture covers

Even outdoor metal furniture will eventually show signs of wear and tear. So, no matter how sturdy the material of your outdoor furniture cushions is, you need to protect it. The easiest way to do that is by investing in furniture covers that are waterproof and sturdy.

The simple habit of covering your outdoor furniture when it’s not being used will extend its life by a few years. So, it’s an important accessory to have. Make sure that the covers are the right size to protect the entire furniture piece, including cushions, and they fit snugly.


  1. Move your furniture to storage

If you don’t like the idea of using furniture covers and you have storage space, moving your outdoor furniture will help. While outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the elements and be outside, keeping it stored when it’s not being used will prevent extreme weathering and damage.

It’s another way to extend the life of your outdoor furniture and its cushions, so it’s something to consider. For example, if you’re never outside during winter, you can store your furniture for the entire season and take it back out for the summer. You could store everything in a basement, garage, or any other available covered area.

  1. Don’t power wash your outdoor furniture cushions

Power washing should only be an option if it’s recommended by the manufacturer of the outdoor furniture cushions. It’s important to keep the cushions and furniture clean, but you have to make sure to follow instructions.

Usually, wiping down the cushions will be enough. Additionally, washing by hand is another option for a deeper clean. However, don’t power wash unless you’re sure the cushions can survive it.


  1. Practice regular maintenance

Outdoor furniture cushions require regular maintenance, so you must make a habit of it. Outdoor furniture cushions are not indestructible just because they’re made to sit outside. You have to take good care of them as you would with any indoor furniture piece. We’ve already discussed furniture covers and temporary storage when the furniture is not getting much use.

That’s a big part of maintenance. Even if you don’t store your furniture, storing your outdoor furniture cushions is the best way to prevent extreme wear and tear. Additionally, you need to clean your cushions regularly, especially if you’re leaving them outside. They can quickly gather dust, dirt, pollen, and so much more, so cleaning them or giving them a shake before every use is always a good idea.


  1. Apply a waterproofing solution to your outdoor furniture cushions

Last but not least, regularly waterproofing your outdoor furniture cushions is a must. Outdoor upholstery fabric always has a waterproof solution when you buy it, but reapplying it regularly will keep your cushions protected.

It’s very easy to do and there are many waterproofing sprays available, including brands like Grangers, Star Brite, and more. You should reapply the waterproofing solution at least one time per season. Waterproofing sprays provide an estimate of how long the effect lasts, so you can use that as a guide as well.

Final Words on Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Outdoor furniture cushions are what make your outdoor living space comfortable, cozy, and attractive. So, it doesn’t matter what your outdoor furniture style is, you have to add cushions. Fortunately, you have a lot of options to choose from that will help you create a lovely space.

If you’re looking for outdoor furniture with cushions, browse our store to find options that will suit any style!

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