Hamptons Style Interiors the Australian Way

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Australians have fallen in love with Hamptons style interiors and it’s easy to see why. Hamptons style is all about introducing a relaxed, coastal vibe, not to mention a touch of sophistication, to our Australian homes.


The fresh palette of natural textures, white-washed linens, freshly painted white timber finishes and ocean inspired blues works just beautifully in Australian homes.

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A Hamptons style Interior is light, bright, airy, and fresh, emanating a coastal vibe that oozes sophistication, yet there’s an immediate sense of relaxation the moment you walk in.


Hamptons style interiors originated on Long Island, New York, in townships which were originally isolated fishing and farming settlements. The houses were constructed from good-quality materials for longevity, low maintenance, and survival in their harsh location. Today, this area of Long Island is known as The Hamptons. The Hamptons Style is based on principles of good design, big windows to showcase views of land and sea, and large, open floor plans.


Today, Hamptons Style is one of Australia’s most popular interior design styles.


Do you love the Hamptons look? Let’s go through the materials, design features, furniture, and colours that comprise Hamptons style interiors, because you may discover that you too can have this look in your own home.

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Describing ‘Hamptons Style’


This design style is typically bright, light, and whitewashed, with a beachy yet sophisticated vibe that exudes a calming and effortless ambience. Hamptons interiors are typically spacious, allowing for easy and spontaneous entertaining. Designed with generous proportions, these homes are nautical-inspired and holiday home-like, yet still sophisticated and classy.


Hamptons Style Colours


An important part of Hamptons style interior is getting the colours right, and these include common colours like white, yellow, neutrals, and green. Warm neutral colours are pared with coastal blues; alternatively you can layer different shades of blue, ranging from baby blue right through to navy.


Other typical Hamptons style colours include grey colour tones, like mint green and duck egg blue. Cream with black accents creates a beautiful classic look, or alternatively, all black accented with white and bronze, then paired with natural materials like black timber and real in-laid stone floors to create a sense of warmth.

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Hamptons Style Fabrics


Fabrics for Hamptons style interiors include pieces made from leather, timber, wool, linen, and cotton. While both homewares and furniture favour natural fabrics and materials, the home itself should focus on texture, like stone and timber.


Many interior designers choose linens in neutral tones and whites, including stripes, natural textures, and layering. Others suggest that, when used in a modern way, pin-stripe, pink gingham, and classic chequered fabric designs also work really well for Hamptons Style.

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Hamptons Style Furniture


Because Hamptons style homes have a neutral colour palette, they’re open to a wide range of beautiful furnishings, although some furnishings are more suited to this style than others. Remember that this interior design style is about encouraging conversation and entertaining, so ensure you arrange your furniture accordingly.


Hamptons style interior designers are choosing large indoor plants as features – particularly those with lots of greenery – and upholstered occasional seats. Using statement furniture, like nautical-inspired and sculptural pieces, and anchoring a room with a large sofa, are all decorating suggestions from interior design experts.


This interior designing style requires lots of seating options, including single seats, couches, and ottomans. The seating should be comfortable, soft-cushioned luxe furniture pieces. Hamptons style furniture should showcase beautiful craftsmanship. What does work well with Hamptons interiors is banquette seating with padded cushions, together with additional scatter cushions.

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Hamptons Style Lighting


Pendant lights in traditional shapes always work well with Hamptons style interiors. Your space should have a number of light sources, including floor and table lamps. To avoid harsh, direct lighting, wall lights work well to soften the lighting of an area. Use dimmer lights to create an intimate ambience.


Hamptons Style Flooring


Hamptons style lends itself beautifully to white timber finishes, so if you have a large, open-plan space, use a mix of lighter and darker timber to help ground the space. Your timber floor can be layered with a subtly-patterned or textured floor rug; also consider walls tiles and a herringbone patterned floor when designing Hamptons style.

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Our Top Tips for Decorating Hamptons Style Interiors


  • Hamptons style lends itself to French doors, large windows, and classic, structured window furnishings. Neutral-toned ceiling-to-floor curtains or white plantations shutters will complete your Hamptons interior.
  • Mix various patterned cushions: for example, strong lines and organic patterns (like florals) pair well together.
  • Choose at least one upmarket décor piece to add that touch of glamour and sophistication to your Hamptons interior.
  • Soft furnishings are an important aspect of Hamptons style; use curtains and sheers, but no blinds.
  • A combination of silk and wool rugs will work beautifully.
  • Another feature of Hamptons style interiors is mirrors, specifically uniquely crafted or ornate mirrors. Avoid mirrors with a decorative frame or mirrors with bevelled edges.

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In Conclusion


Hamptons style is usually known for its neutral palette, high ceilings, spacious and bright living areas, and natural textures – with the kitchen being the centrepiece. It’s all about prestige – a status symbol of having a beautiful spacious home and having the ability to easily entertain guests right throughout the summer. It’s also about the space feeling homely, so all family members can gather together and create conversation in the one room.


Most Australian coastal homes are specifically designed to cater for the indoor/outdoor lifestyle, so it’s not surprising the Hamptons style interior design has become so popular. However, you don’t need to live on the coast to enjoy the Hamptons lifestyle. Your Hamptons style home can be inspired with a touch of minimalist, modern, country, or traditional classic, so wherever you live, go ahead, and enjoy everything a Hamptons style interior design has to offer.




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