Should You Get a Bedhead? 8 Benefits of Having a Bedhead

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While it’s true that bedheads are not a requirement, they’re of huge benefit for many reasons. Whether you’re getting a round bedhead, rattan bedhead, Hamptons bedhead, or any other style, the benefits are the same. They’re worth considering, especially if you feel like your bedroom is missing something.

For most people, having a bedhead makes a positive difference, but that’s not the case for everyone. At the end of the day, it’s a personal decision. So, to help you make that decision, we will explore some of the biggest benefits of getting a bedhead.

8 Benefits of Having a Bedhead

If you feel like your bedroom is missing something, it could be a double bedhead, super king bedhead, or whatever size you need. However, you’re the only one who can determine if a bedhead will elevate your bedroom or not. Since knowledge is power, let’s discuss some of the biggest benefits you can enjoy from having a bedhead:


  1. It provides additional head and back support

The biggest benefit of getting a bedhead is that it provides additional head and back support. After all, you do a lot more than sleeping in your bed. Some people like to sit in bed and read, watch movies, speak with their partners or friends, and more. So, having a bedhead will help you sit comfortably for as long as you’d like, and avoid back or neck pain.


  1. It offers a little extra insulation

If you didn’t know, the temperature of your bedroom can affect your sleep. According to experts, the ideal temperature is between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit for adults. Now, having a bedhead can protect you from direct cold from the wall and help you maintain a more controlled temperature. Temperature is just one element to consider, though. If you want your bedroom to be optimal for sleeping, it should also be dark and quiet.

  1. It can help keep your wall pristine

If you have your bed directly up against the wall, both the wall and the bed frame may get damaged. The edges and corners of the bed rub against the wall when you move in bed. So, in time, it will lead to more wear and tear to your fall. If you want to keep the wall pristine and avoid damaging your beautiful bed frame, getting a bedhead will help. It will act as a barrier and help prevent contact between the bed and the wall very effectively.


  1. It improves the overall style and decor

Bedheads are both functional and decorative, so having one will improve the overall style of your bedroom. In fact, it could be exactly what the space is missing. Getting a bedhead is an easy way to upgrade your bedroom as well. If you want a change but you don’t want to redo the entire bedroom, adding a bedhead with an attractive design will do the trick.

When choosing a bedhead, consider the materials and colors. For example, a white rattan bedhead will help create a sense of serenity. That’s key for a place that needs to be peaceful and comforting. A cane bedhead is also a great option! The material is warm and it can help create a feeling of coziness.

  1. It can keep your pillows in place

If you move around a lot in your sleep, you’ve likely woken up without your pillows more than once. This can disrupt your sleep a lot, so it’s important to prevent it from happening. A bedhead will help keep them in place because it won’t be possible for the pillows to fall between the wall and the bed.


  1. It offers additional storage

Bedroom storage is very important, especially if the room is on the smaller side. The great thing about bedheads is that they only take up vertical space. So, even if your bedroom space is limited, you can make a bedhead work. Just make sure the design is minimalist and sleek. Now, bedheads can feature drawers or shelves to help you store things like books, nighttime essentials, and more.


  1. It’s a low-maintenance piece

Bedheads are usually low-maintenance, so they’re very easy to keep clean. Overall, regular dusting will keep bedhead pristine. If the material requires it, regular polishing will help it keep its shine. If you get a design without upholstery, such as a rattan bedhead double or king, you will only need a soft cloth, a brush, and some soapy water to clean it every once in a while. If you choose a piece with upholstery, make sure the fabric is easy to clean and avoid dust buildup with regular vacuuming.

Hamilton Cane Bedhead

  1. It will become a focal point

Bedheads do a lot more than provide extra storage, keep your pillows in place, and contribute to a good night’s sleep. They also become a focal point in your bedroom and it gives the space a more polished, finished look. A bed without a bedhead doesn’t look bad, but bedheads are available in hundreds of colors and designs.

That means it’s not difficult to find one that can add style to the bedroom and bring the space to life more than just having a plain bed against the wall. As mentioned before, it will become a decorative piece. If you choose a design and style that suits the ambiance, a bedhead can transform the space.


Is Getting a Bedhead the Right Choice for You?

Only you can answer this one. We recommend you consider these benefits carefully. If you decide that a bedhead is not for you, don’t worry. There are many other ways you can improve your bedroom and make it more suitable for rest, relaxation, and sleep.

However, if you find that a bedhead will improve your quality of sleep and make your bedroom more elevated, you should start looking for options. Whether you’re looking for a rattan bedhead, cane bedhead, Hamptons bedhead, or any other style, visit our shop! You’ll find many beautiful pieces to consider, available in a variety of styles to suit your taste.

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