How to Make Sure Your Timber Dining Table Is High Quality

When you’re buying a timber dining table, there are two roads you can take. You can either buy something cheap that will only serve you for a while. Or you can invest in a piece that will stand the test of time. But where do you start? Well, it’s not difficult to identify high-quality timber. Whether you’re on the hunt for a Hamptons style dining table or any other style, this guide will help you spot high-quality timber.


5 Ways to Identify High-Quality Timber Dining Tables

Though we’re focusing on dining tables today, these tips will help you find high-quality timber furniture of any kind. Here’s what you need to do:


  1. Identify the timber species

The type of timber used to make your dining table will affect not just the way it looks, but also how much it lasts. The Janka Hardness Scale, also known as Janka rating, measures the timber’s resistance to denting and wear and it will help you choose the most durable type of timber. For example, Black Walnut has a 1,010 Janka rating and it offers excellent durability and resistance to impact. A black round dining table made out of Black Walnut can be a great choice. White Oak has a 1,360 Janka rating and it’s highly resistant to moisture. It can be the best option for outdoor dining tables. Such as an extendable outdoor dining table or any other type of design.

In contrast, White Pine has a 420 Janka rating. While it’s easier to carve and shape, White Pine is much softer and prone to dents and scratches. It’s generally used for decorative pieces, so you should avoid any kind of furniture made out of this material if you expect it to last. Poplar has a 540 Janka rating and is often used in painted furniture. It’s also relatively soft and susceptible to damage.

Overall, make sure to research the Janka Hardness of the timber species used to make whatever dining table you’re considering. Whether it’s a small Hamptons dining table or a 12 seater dining table, the higher the rating of the timber, the more durable it will be.


  1. Look into the quality of the timber

High-quality timber furniture should have minimal imperfections. Granted, some types of timber will have natural details that add character. However, imperfections can weaken the timber, so you have to pay close attention to that. For example, knots are natural imperfections that can add visual interest, but they can also be weak points. A high-quality table should have minimal knots. If it has knots, they should be small and stabilized with fillers or resin. If you see large knots, find a better option because they will lead to cracks over time.

Voids and cracks should also be filled and stabilized to prevent the damage from getting worse over time. If you see a lot of voids and cracks in the timber, it means that it’s not high quality. Overall, any imperfections in the timber should be treated or filled. If they haven’t, it’s not a furniture piece that’s worth the investment. Inspect the timber closely and make sure it’s smooth, even, and with minimal imperfections.


  1. Make sure joint construction is top-notch

When you’re looking at a timber dining table or furniture of any kind, joint construction should be a top priority. The construction of the joints is one of the main indicators of quality, so you need to make sure they’re good. Some of the best types of joints include dowel joints, which involve inserting timber pegs into aligned holes in the joining pieces of timber; dovetail joints, which feature interlocking teeth and are super strong; and mortise-and-tenon joints, which involve a tenon inserted into a mortise and it’s an ancient technique known for its durability.

Now, examples of poor joints include the use of staples and nails. If you see this in your furniture, it means the pieces have been mass-produced, so the quality isn’t the best. This type of joint doesn’t offer structural integrity in the long term. Invisible glue is another example of poor joints and bad craftsmanship. So make sure you inspect the joints closely! High-quality furniture will have seamless, interlocking joints that look like they effortlessly came together.

  1. Choose a good type of finish

The finish that’s applied to your dining table is an important factor to look into. It will be responsible not only for the aesthetic appeal but also for how well-protected the timber is. A high-quality finish will protect the timber from spills and moisture, which is particularly important for dining tables. Look for finishes that offer water resistance to prevent rings and stains, such as polyurethane, lacquer, and varnish.

High-quality finishes should also protect your dining table from everyday wear and tear. Hardwax oil finishes, for example, provide a durable, scratch-resistant surface while enhancing the natural beauty of the timber. Ask about the type of finish your dining table of choice has and consider upgrading it if necessary. Also, make sure you understand maintenance needs for the type of finish and keep up with it.

  1. Prioritize craftsmanship

Last but not least, handcrafted dining tables are often superior to factory-assembled pieces. So if you can, prioritize craftsmanship. Look for dining tables made by experienced artisans who have dedicated their careers to woodworking. This will guarantee unique details and a higher-quality constriction.

Handcrafted pieces usually involve careful sanding, precise joinery, and a thoughtful finish. The result is a piece that not only looks beautiful but also holds up over time. On the other hand, factory-made furniture might lack the unique character and quality. Granted, they’re more affordable, but if you can spend a little more, investing in craftsmanship will ensure a more durable piece.

Keep all these factors in mind and you’ll make sure your dining table is beautiful and long-lasting. If you’re looking for dining table options that tick all the boxes, browse our shop to find Hamptons dining tables and so much more!


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