Australian Coastal Style – How To Achieve this Beautiful, Elegant Look

Interior designers love the inspiration of Australian Coastal Style, perhaps because it evokes happy thoughts of the great outdoors and memories of childhood vacations. And while this design style is quite similar to America’s Hamptons Style, Australian Coastal Style is unique in that it uses more natural materials, has inspired tones, and suggests raw beachy vibes.

We don’t believe Australian Coastal Style can be replicated anywhere else in the world, which may be due to our laid-back personas, or perhaps it’s our glorious coastline with its stunning sandy beaches, endless inlets, and interesting harbours.

Smart, Easy, And Inexpensive Design Ideas To Refresh Your Home

Refreshing your home doesn’t require a huge budget or even a lot of time. There are many inexpensive ways to give your favourite rooms a fresh, new look, and some of these ideas cost absolutely nothing! Have a look at our ideas below and hopefully you’ll gain some inspiration for making your living spaces feel like new again.

If you’re like us, you probably go through this same scenario every time we enter a new year. Who isn’t looking for new and effective ways to freshen things up a bit; to try a new trend or colour – anything to start the new year with a different perspective? The pandemic has ensured many homeowners’ budgets are not quite as big as their motivations for change so, in this post, we aim to provide as many refreshing ideas as possible for revamping your decor without breaking the budget. Some of these ideas will make a big difference yet cost very little money or time on your part.

How To Create Your Own Hamptons-Style Sanctuary

The best way to describe the on-trend Hamptons look is ‘laid-back, effortlessly elegant, cool and classic, with creamy linens, tranquil blues, and plush velvets.’

Here in Australia (especially coastal Queensland) we’re blessed with a beautiful, seemingly-unending coastline – not to mention all the other natural and man-made waterways, so it’s not hard to see why Hamptons Style is gaining in popularity.

But Hamptons Style is not only for those with unlimited funds who live on the beach. Regardless of whether you’re coastal or country, there are only a few key elements to creating your own relaxing but elegant Hamptons Style sanctuary.

Interior Design Tweaks For Creating A Beautiful Master Bedroom

main bedroom with Castaway bed

The best master bedrooms are a combination of style, functionality, and a touch of glamour – not to mention all the comforts we’ve come to expect from a comfortable yet elegant bedroom.

The most important room in your home is (arguably) the master bedroom, and we believe this room should not only be your sanctuary, it should be the most luxurious room in your home. Unfortunately, the master bedroom often consists of mismatched décor, dirty laundry, and awkward furniture layout.

Is Brown Replacing Black in Interior Design?

The prediction for the 2021/22 home interior design trend is that earthy, warm tones are edging out gray and white. And it’s not about black; black will never go out of style, but stylists predict that black is taking a back seat to brown, a warmer hue that’s becoming very popular – again! Yes, it’s true, brown is once again being incorporated into interiors, creating friendly, warm spaces.

It’s not that long ago that shades of brown, ranging from chestnut to chocolate and beige to copper were an obvious choice for interiors. It’s quite likely that your parents or grandparents homes’ were decorated with rich shades of the brown family.

Mixing Old and New Christmas Décor

Most of us have a collection of Christmas decorations that spans many years, sometimes decades. While some ornaments are sentimental and therefore hold great personal value, others not so much. Of course we want to hang our sentimental ornaments on our Christmas tree, but hanging all the Christmas odds and ends our kids made at school can start wearing a little thin after time. Even that Christmas garland we’ve been using for so many years may start looking a little tired and old.

Australians Love The Great Outdoors Here’s How To Create The Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Area

Australians love entertaining in their backyards and most Aussie parties begin outside. So it makes sense that your backyard needs to live up to its purpose – entertaining! In this post, we’ll take a look at some simple, versatile, and beautiful ways of taking your backyard to a whole new level while making the most of our fantastic Australian climate.

Regardless of the size of your backyard, there’s a lot you can do to add personality and functionality to your outdoor living space. While it’s true that Aussies are completely happy with fold-up tables and camp chairs, they also love gorgeous, aesthetically-pleasing entertainment areas, where family and friends can come together for relaxation, great outdoor dining, and good conversation. With the right planning, your home can become the ideal setting for lazy morning family brunches, afternoon barbecues, and year-round get-togethers.

Your Ultimate Guide to Buy a New Bed and Mattress

Castaway Bed

Are you someone who wants to choose a new bed for yourself? Do you want to know more about the mattress options that you can explore? If you said yes to both these questions then keep scrolling down to read more.



A person spends around 26 years of their life sleeping. It means that buying a comfortable bed and mattress is quite essential. However, you can get confused by so many options available in the market. Price is another factor that can keep you from making the purchase.

How to pick the perfect side table

Are you someone who is looking for the perfect side table? Do you want to explore more options when it comes to picking the right side table? If you said yes to both these questions then keep scrolling down to read more.

Look for the functionality of the side table

If you are in search of a side table for your living room, you must list down the things you are looking for. It will help you in deciding what you are looking for. You need to be sure about the functions of the side table you are in search of such as the storage shelves, number of drawers, etc.

Here is a list of questions that you need to consider:

1. Do I only need a decorative side table?
2. What things am I looking to put on my side table?
3. Will I also keep food items on my side table?
4. Do I need drawer space on my side table?
5. Will I keep shifting my side table?
6. How heavy do I want the side table to be?
7. How durable is the side table I am investing in?

Does Your Balcony Look Unloved? Top Tips On How To Create A Stylish Balcony

Double Island Outdoor Sofa

Regardless how small or large your balcony may be, if it’s unloved it’s probably not a pretty sight.

Is the balcony where you store your broken furniture and dead plants? Let’s change things up a bit (a lot!) and transform your neglected outdoor space into an attractive space for relaxing and even entertaining. We’ll show you how to make the best out of every inch of your balcony, at the same time adding comfort, functionality, and mood to this space. Yes, even your balcony has design potential, so let’s see if we can inspire you to transform your outdoor space with our top tips and ideas.