Everything You Need to Know About Buying Kids’ Furniture

Jessie kids chair

Understanding your choices will help you create a fun and safe space when buying kid’s furniture for your home. Whether it’s a new toddler bed or a place to stow the toys, there’s enough range and versatility to suit every home for kids of all ages. This buying guide for kids’ furniture will help you make the best choices when purchasing furniture for your kids.


Finding the Best Toddler Beds


Children around 18 to 24 months old or who have reached a height of 88cm are ready to graduate from the crib, and a new toddler bed makes the perfect graduation present.  Toddler beds are designed to be at just the right height for kids to get out of bed without help from mum or dad. It’s an excellent way for them to develop some independence and know they are now a big girl or boy.

Cruz Toddler Bed

Toddler beds are built low to the ground, so they are suitable for little legs. 


Some toddlers’ beds come with optional rails that will stop kids from rolling onto the floor during sleep. The bed’s height means a fall will be perfectly safe, but it can still be a scary experience for a child not yet accustomed to sleeping in a bed like mum and dad.


Tables for Kids’


During a toddler’s first few months on two legs, they may get frustrated because all the furniture is adult sized. Appropriately sized kids’ furniture provides a safe place for them to play, do crafts, and eat their meals.

Jessie kids chair

Kid’s tables and chairs are very sturdy and require virtually no maintenance. They also have no sharp edges to protect against accidents from falls. Unlike most adult furniture, kid’s furniture can take some rough treatment and come out unscathed. A session of finger painting, crayons, and Play Dough will wipe right off with a non-toxic cleaner.


Kid-Sized Storage Furniture


Learning to clean up after oneself is an important life lesson but putting away the toys and cleaning up can be hard when you’re only two feet tall. Kid’s storage furniture means your child can have their favourite toys within easy reach, and they won’t have any trouble putting them away when they’re done.

Jessie Toy Cabinet

Bookshelves for kids are not just for books. They are also excellent storage space to keep toys within easy reach and can be used to display favourite things like puzzles, dolls, games, trophies, and stuffed animals.


You can keep everything organised with bins and baskets that fit neatly on the bookshelf. A spare drawer at the bottom of the kid’s dresser can also provide easily accessible storage space for small children and teach them independence.

Jessie Toy Cabinet

A child’s bedroom or playroom can quickly turn into a big mess and a tiresome chore. Keep everything in its place and out of the way with toy bins lined along the wall. Instil good habits in your child from their early years by providing them with kids’ storage that they can reach and use themselves that is also safe and convenient.


Choosing kid’s furniture shouldn’t be hard. Keep the above tips in mind, and you will easily find the perfect pieces that will endure for their entire childhood.


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