Bedheads: Elevating Your Bedroom from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Palms bedhead

Also known as a headboard, a bedhead can introduce an elegant and refined dimension to your bedroom. The combined bed and bedhead will become the focal point of the cosiest space in your home, transforming the look and feel of your retreat and adding personality and charm to a room that’s designed to be a safe retreat from the stresses of daily life.


When done right, a combination bed and bedhead become the foundation for what can be an evolving creative bedroom style. Your home will feel so glamorous – like a boutique hotel. What better way to unwind after a day at the office or a busy day with the family than to enter your own personal space and relax in the comfort and style of a designer bedroom?

Palms bedhead

Here are some important points to consider when purchasing a bedhead –


Style and Colour


When you start looking at bedheads you’ll discover there are many different sizes, shapes, styles, and materials to choose from. We quite like the idea of choosing a simple shape and playing with colours, prints and textures.


When deciding on the right bedhead for your bed, consider the style of your home and your bedroom, then start looking at colours, textures, and materials. If the tailored style is what you’re looking for, then look for an upholstered bedhead. They’re great if you love sitting up in bed to read. Upholstered bedheads range from shapely curves and simple rectangular designs, right through to luxurious tufted and buttoned styles.

Hamilton Cane Bedhead

For a more modern look you might want to look at a panel style bedhead that attaches to the bedroom wall.


If something plainer is more you style, then look for a simple and less-detailed bedhead in timber, leather, or rattan. Quilted bedheads are also still in vogue.


When it comes to colour, consider the entire space when choosing a colour. In the past, bedheads were typically in neutral tones with colour being added in by way of bedlinen and cushions. Today, however, we’re seeing stronger and bolder colours, with bedheads in deep colours like emerald green and navy, and softer tones like blush pinks.

Hamilton Cane Bedhead

Some common types of bedheads include –


  • Upholstered
  • Wooden
  • Metal
  • Leather
  • Bookcase
  • Wall-mounted
  • Storage
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Four-poster, and many more.




For most people, price will be the determining factor for both the scope of your project and your material selections. Structural bedheads like blade walls, bookshelves, and detailed joinery units may have to be ruled out due to limited finance, but all these can easily be overcome. Have you considered a DIY bedhead? It wouldn’t be a difficult project and construction would be quite straightforward. Alternatively, use your curtains, wallpaper, or paint to manipulate the sense of space in your bedroom.

Hamilton Cane Bed

Ceiling Height


Strangely, if the ceiling in your bedroom is low, your bedhead can go as high as you like. Alternatively, if you have a high ceiling, you can pretty-much have whatever type or style of bedhead you want.




You need to decide first-up if your bedhead will be required to serve both decorative and functional purposes in your bedroom. Bedheads are often used simply as an architectural focal point; for many people they provide additional bedroom storage; and for others they make the perfect room divider.


Take a look at a ‘floating furniture bedhead’: this is a unique style of island bedhead that places the focus on the bed, or alternatively flips the orientation of your bedroom to catch the view.

Palms bedhead



Yes, size is important when choosing a bedhead, and a big bedhead is almost always impressive. Large bedheads come in a wide range of styles and create a bold contemporary look in any bedroom.


Measure the width of your bed to ensure you buy the right size bedhead and remember to consider the height of your ceilings and the scale of your room.


In Conclusion


Let’s be honest – a bed without an accompanying bedhead is not very appealing. The right bedhead won’t take up much space but will add depth and style to your bedroom. Your wall will be protected against any abrasions, your back will be supported when you sit on the bed, and your bedroom will look stylish and complete.


A bedhead not only creates an aesthetic and attractive style to your bedroom, it also has a number of practical uses. Besides preventing pillows from falling onto the floor, a bedhead is a great storage option and can also be used for displaying photographs and other trinkets.


Choosing the right bedhead for your bedroom is an exercise in scale and proportion, so use this decorative or structural furniture item to manipulate the sense of space in your area.


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