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Choosing The Perfect Forever Dining Table

dining room tables are rarely used for just somewhere to enjoy family dinners; they’re also a place for children to do homework, families to enjoy arts and crafts together, a nice wide area for Dad to spread out the morning paper, and even a place to work during a COVID lockdown. Above all, the dining room table is one of the key furniture items in your home, so it’s important that you choose a table that’s strong, well crafted, and blends in with the décor of your home.

Of course it’s important that your dining table looks great, but it’s even more important that it fits your space and provides enough seating. Given the functionality and prominence of a dining table, we suggest doing your research prior to making a final decision on purchasing your new dining table. Not only will your new table be a wise investment, it will look great and will last for many years to come.

Here are some tips to help you make the right decision –

Why A Round Dining Table Might Be Your Best Option

1.6m Alta Round Dining Table - Ebony Black with Black Powder Coated Legs

Have you noticed that dining rooms in new homes and apartments are getting smaller and smaller? This is probably because builders are aware that ‘formal’ dining rooms are not often used anymore, and the extra area is now needed in either the kitchen or family room. And while these smaller dining rooms are typically square, or almost square, most dining tables in retail stores are rectangular, which is great if you have a rectangular room!

Rectangular dining room tables can seat many guests, it’s true, but what purpose does a long table serve if it barely fits in a small square dining room?

How To Clean and Maintain Your Outdoor Furniture

Today, fun-loving Aussies are spending more and more time relaxing, dining, and entertaining in their outdoor areas, and they wouldn’t have it any other way because they thrive on the combined indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

The furniture pieces we choose for our outdoor areas are usually high-quality and designed specifically for outdoor use, which means they’re built to endure the elements for many years. Of course that doesn’t mean we don’t have to give our outdoor furniture some TLC to ensure it continues looking good and lasts well.

At Abide Interiors we have some great outdoor furniture pieces to add to your all-weather furniture.

Top Autumn Interior Trends At Abide Interiors

Zen chair and St Lucia coffee table

Everyone here at Abide Interiors loves autumn, and now that we’re already into the first month of autumn we’re thrilled to bring you our top interior trends for 2021. Our buyers have selected their own favourite pieces from across our entire range to help you maintain a fresh and stylish space this season.

Sitting between summer and winter, autumn can be a confusing time of the year. It’s not hot anymore, even though there may be a few remaining warm days, but it’s not cold either.

We feel this is the perfect time to take note of your furniture and ensure that all pieces and other decorative accents in your home transition easily across all seasons. Below we’ve listed interior trends that do precisely that.

How to Create the Perfect Dining Room

Byron Old Wood Dining Table

Some people may consider a separate dining room an old-school tradition, or perhaps even a luxurious addition they can’t really afford. Both statements are equally true: traditionally, a dining room was always a very important room of the home, and today, having a dedicated dining room can be seen by many as a luxury that simply takes up valuable space.